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Content writing is nothing but the task of researching, writing, and editing content for online platforms. You can generate fresh and unique contents from the best content writing agency in Kerala for your projects. Have a look at different types of content writing which are as follows:

Blog Writing

Blog writing is creating blog posts that aid in increasing the SEO rankings of your website. Writing blog posts can be based on any niche from general to lifestyle. However, it should be more approachable and conversational stuffed with the right keywords. 

Technical Writing

Technical writing is something to understand the business and products. It usually includes the details of products and services to make your audience know about it very well. Good explanation is vital in these contents with an approaching writing style. 


Copywriting usually includes the write-ups of product descriptions, website copy, advertisements, sales collateral, and infographics. This is also one of the crucial pieces of the content marketing even though people do not spend time on it a lot. But, these writings are the backbone of your brand which are usually noticed first by your potential customers. 

Web Contents

Web contents is a form of promotional writing in which the products and services of a company is explained. It is just like promoting a brand with the right information of a company. 

Social Media Posts

Social media posts are the creation of relevant, platform-specific, and in touch posts. It is created to have a good social media presence on the huge platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. One should perceive the quirks of every online space to write well for social media.

SEO Writing

SEO writing is one of the most common kinds of writing in which specific keywords are used for the high ranking of web pages in the results pages of search engines. It usually includes short write-ups with headings, subheadings, and bolded keywords to promote search engine algorithms and reader engagement. 


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