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Sunday Ads is a Digital Marketing Agency in India having young, creative and talented team. Originally founded in June 2014 and launched in Jan 2022. Sunday ads is an initiative of freelancers with the aim of providing quality leads to businesses at the lowest possible cost. Sunday Ads is a company owned by Abhilash, an Indian digital marketing consultant. Since 2013 we were started our digital marketing journey with Amazon, CJ and Share Sale Affiliate Marketing. 

Importance of Digital Marketing Agency in India

Today the products are the cheapest on digital platforms. Therefore, the relevance of digital stores has increased in India today. At the same time, the relevance of digital marketing agencies has increased in India.
As of 2020, 518 million people in India use social media. But by 2021, the use of social media in India has increased by 30%. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are the most used. By 2021, 99.68 percent of search engine users will use Google. Today, people rely on digital platforms to test the pros and cons of products.

Consumers come to the market to buy products based on information received from digital media. It helps consumers to buy the best quality and cheapest products. With the increasing consumption of digital media, the relevance of digital marketing agencies is increasing in India.

Key services we provide:

Providing customers with irreplaceable digital marketing services is the declared goal of Sunday Ads Experts.

Paid Media:

We guarantee that paid media services such as social media marketing (Facebook, instagram etc), social media page management, search engine marketing services (google ppc etc) and classified page management services will be done responsibly.

Organic Marketing:

Organic marketing is a way of growing a business by ranking the website organically, as opposed to spending money on advertising. Seo, content posting and poster creations are part of this. Our top digital expert in organic marketing helps us to achieve great commercial revenue.

Website creation and design:

Having your own website is essential for the reputation of all business entities. It is easy to describe their products and services through the website. And you can find more customers and find leads. Our staff specializes in building the best seo based wordpress websites.

Importance of Sunday Ads:

Sunday ads is a group of young people who have been providing freelance digital marketing services for ages. The company’s executives are the ones who have made their mark in digital marketing through Amazon affiliate marketing. We have been instrumental in growing the business of many companies.

Our goal is to do the work we undertake responsibly. Our digital marketing methods, starting with strategy creation, help to get accurate output.Sunday Ads is a Digital Marketing Agency in India, Kerala, Thrissur having young, creative and talented team. Originally founded in June 2014 and launched in Jan 2022


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